Nikie Piper

What my clients say

Sarah V

"I really love my sessions with Nikie. I've regained my focus, given up smoking and now have healthy routines I enjoy and implement daily. I was feeling lethargic and completely unmotivated in my life and when things seemed so dark Nikie brought clarity, hope and a new feeling of purpose into my life. Even my kids have noticed a difference!"

Highly recommeded! Just book yourself in you won't regret it...

Sarah V - Entrepreneur

Kate J

"I needed that call with Nikie to give me the focus to change. She gave me that space to talk and work out what I could change when my working life circumstances changed at home. I also now feel that I have accountability and can move forward."

So glad I said yes to myself and picked up the phone ...

Kate J - Author

Lilias D


"I was in a place where I didn't really know to where to start with my issues. Nikie helped me untangle things and I have been able to make some positive changes."

I can't believe how much clearer I am now...

Lilias D - Homeopath and Care Worker

Shari B


"You are an amazing coach, Nikie. It felt like I’m in a right place in a right time. That place allowed me to be heard, speak out and share things I don’t share easily. There was no judgment. You asked the right questions to let me think even more and come up with a different view and visualisation. Saying all my thoughts loud is also a huge thing and makes them even more powerful. Thank you for allowing me to be me.

Shari B - Lettings Manager