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“Nikie could be so much more if she just put more effort into it”

said my schoolteacher. Unfortunately, I cannot say that that stopped in my younger years - average was where I seemed to settle with mostly everything I did. I knew I was capable of doing more and being more, but for some reason, I never really allowed myself to go there.

As a result of playing life in a very average way, life has been mostly OK, there was nothing wrong as such. I had a good job, a reasonable income, a good home and a really good marriage, but in the back of my mind I would think to myself that surely there must be something else out there for me. Something that I haven’t discovered yet. I’d explore options often but could never quite put my finger on what that ‘thing’ could be.

Don’t get me wrong, I would try, but I would flitter from one thing to the next. Always looking for ‘something’ and moving on to the next thing, and the next thing and then the next and the next. Always searching for something to fill that void, that would give my life the meaning I craved. Whether it was the next qualification, or the next business that I thought I wanted, the next good idea, the next shiny object. I’d keep searching, but before I got to the good stuff, I’d stop, or sabotage it all and slip right back into what I thought I deserved, mediocracy. I felt completely stuck on the hamster wheel of life with its daily rotation and nothing changing.


The years seemed to pass me by quicker and quicker.  I felt stuck in my 30’s, I felt stuck in my 40’s and guess what? I felt stuck in my 50’s. I began to be scared that life would pass me by. I got to a point where I felt my life wasn't worth living. I felt that nobody wanted me or my ideas and nothing worked.  Everything I did was not good enough to improve my life, so why bother. I was tired, I was depleted. I didn't know what I wanted from my life and I was fed up with trying. I just felt so, so useless and empty and overwhelmed with feelings that I didn’t know how to change.


How you do anything is how you do everything

T.Harv Eker

In 2017, I went to an event, again on the quest to find the missing piece that would make everything fall into place, and do you know what? I found it! The main speaker at the event said something and at first it didn’t register, nor hit me at all, but the next day, it would have an effect on me that would change my life forever.

He said...

Like I said, it made no sense at the time, but the next day I was lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself, and it hit me. I wanted to be successful, yet I was moping around the house, I was complaining all the time, and to be honest, I spent my whole life feeling like a victim. Looking back on it, it’s obvious that I never had any success, because I was showing up in life with a poor-attitude and an energy about me that said I had nothing to offer. From that day my personal development has been my primary objective. The lists of tools and practices that I incorporate into my daily life now are endless, and each one of them allows me to be the type of person that takes thing from life and doesn’t settle for average.

My Most Important Gift

One of the most important gifts I’ve been able to receive from my personal development journey was being coached. From being asked simple, yet powerful questions, I started to figure out what I really wanted. You know, the things that light you up inside, that YOU actually want. Not things for anybody else, or because you think you need to, ought to, or should do them, but because you actually want to. As a result, I found my values, my vision and what kind of legacy I wanted to leave in the world. From these revelations, the thought of living an ‘OK’ life, now seemed unacceptable and I decided I was here to help others, make a difference in the world and live a life full of adventure. Regardless of whether I was 50, 60 or 70 – I was going to live life to the fullest! My coach asked me to sum up what I wanted my life to be like in one world, I turned to him and without thinking for even a second, I replied ‘awesome’ – and that created the very foundation of what I now, not only my life by, but help others live by too.

As I write this today, I have re-trained as a Transformational Coach. I am an accredited Coaching Masters and an NLP Practitioner. These skills allow me to help women where I was just a few years ago, and I am now very proud to say I have found my missing piece that I was searching for by helping unfulfilled professional women over 50, explore what they really want & create their path to an awesome life.

From finding myself through coaching, helping others, and pushing past average and into awesome, my life has taken a dramatic shift alongside it! Who would have thought, that getting myself in the best possible place I could be, would allow my life to follow suit? I’ve now got a successful property business, a fulfilling online coaching business, and a range of products and services. I moved into the house of my dreams in the UK, and I have my one-way flight booked to South-East Asia in early January, that will see me live in Bali, Indonesia, whilst I continue to work on my business, online.

Not bad for a woman who once felt average and as though she was a victim of life.

In a few short months’ time, when I am living in Bali, sipping a coconut, watching the sun set on the beach, I’ll know that all those tough years were worth it, because it doesn’t really matter if you don’t find the thing you’re searching for right away, what matters is if you keep hunting until you find it, because when you do, regardless of if you’re 20, 40, 50 or 80 years old, I can tell you from first-hand experience, it feels AWESOME!

If you’re an unfulfilled professional woman over 50 and want to explore what you really want and create your path to an awesome life, I’m currently offering free discovery sessions and I’d like to invite you click the link below and have a chat with me about how I can help you. By the end of the conversation you’ll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energised and ready to start taking action and create an awesome life; and who knows, maybe we might be a good fit to work with each other too.

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In case nobody has told you, you don’t deserve average; you deserve awesome, and if you’re ready to allow yourself to have it, I am only a click away.

Nikie ~ A women who understands exactly what it feels like to want more from life.

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