Nikie Piper

Nikie Piper

Empowerment & Transformational Coach

I empower and motivate unfulfilled professionals to explore what they really want and create a path to their own Awesome Life

About Me


“Nikie could be so much more if she just put more effort into it” said my schoolteacher.

A familiar statement on most of my school reports throughout my school years

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How to Create Your Path to an Awesome Life

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In case nobody has told you, you don’t deserve average; you deserve awesome, and if you’re ready to allow yourself to have it, I am only a click away.

Nikie ~ A women who understands exactly what it feels like to want more from life.

Inside my e-book you'll find:

Simple steps that you can take right now to start on your journey to create your own Awesome Life

  • How to create and keep your belief
  • Defining your freedom
  • Moving forward
  • What are good habits?
  • Getting the right kind of help